Website Services

Hello, My name is Liamarjit Bhogal, I run Seva Cloud, an all-in-one Socially Conscious, Ethical and Sustainable Web Design, Website Management and SEO service for individuals, small businesses and not-for-profits. We position ourselves as a web design business, but we design the full tech stack, not just the bits you see.

Web Design & Development

Lets create an authentic, stunning and enchanting website that speaks directly to your audience. A well planned, well designed and well implemented website will attract more visitors, increase engagement, and ultimately drive more support for your cause. Connect with your community and serve them better by leveraging our expertise in web design and development.

Website Management

With 13 years in the Industry, Seva Cloud has enterprise level experience to help your organization deliver high-quality results on a low budget. Don’t sacrifice your mission-driven work because of technical challenges. You deserve access to effective online tools, that reduce the complexity of managing a website so you can fulfil your purpose.

Search Engine Optimization

A website crafted with SEO by design, optimization and ongoing management, helps you achieve your website goals and increases your impact in the community. This establishes a strong foundation for your site, improves the website’s visibility and increases the chance of people discovering your important work by expanding your reach to a broader audience right from launch.

Seva Cloud is an impact-driven business that strives to provide essential, world class online solutions to not-for-profit organizations and small businesses. We exist to make them feel empowered and inspired to fulfil their missions, alleviating the frustration and complexity of managing their online presence and maximizing their impact in the world.