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In 2024, having a professional and functional website is crucial for businesses of all sizes. As an ethical web designer, website manager and SEO, my primary goal is to provide individuals, businesses and organisations, especially non-profits, with high-quality, effective websites that meet their needs and exceed expectations. Unfortunately, the industry does contain individuals who exploit their clients’ lack of technical knowledge and offer a useless service that simply wastes time, money and patience. Imaging a house builder using poor materials, or a car mechanic leaving a bolt loose. Do not fear, I am committed to being a high quality, world class, ethical web designer and can ensure my clients recover and are protected in future from any unscrupulous practices.

Providing an Ethical Web Design Service

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If you’ve had a poor experience with your previous web designer and/or website manager or want secure, professional and established help from the get go, look no further. I don’t just design websites that look good, I build well-oiled, robust, online solutions. My name is Liamarjit Bhogal, I run Seva Cloud, an all-in-one Ethical Web Design, Website Management and SEO service for individuals, small businesses and not-for-profits and it will be an honour to (re)design and look after your digital assets properly and makes them work for you.

At Seva Cloud, I align with the United Internet Sustainability Report 2021 (PDF) to continuously enhance our ethical and sustainable actions, and to ensure transparency about them.

Here are 8 ways in which I uphold my core values and ethics across my practices:

1. Transparency and Honesty

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Transparency is a key value I uphold in my practice. From our initial consultation together to the final handover and through any continuing maintenance or SEO, I ensure that you are fully informed about every aspect of your project. This includes providing:

  • Detailed Quotes
  • Realistic Timelines
  • Clear Expectations and Explanations

I never promise what I can’t deliver and always keep the lines of communication open – I’m available on Email, WhatsApp, Facebook and the good old telephone. I’ve got a lot of experience running websites at scale and can assist at every stage of your websites journey.

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Why Transparency and Honest Matters as an Ethical Web Designer

You should never feel left in the dark or misled about the scope and cost of a web design, website management or SEO project. Transparency builds valuable trust between us and sets the foundation for a strong, collaborative and long-lasting relationship.

2. Maintaining Integrity & Building Trust

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As a web designer, my integrity, another of my core values, hinges on a commitment to the honesty and transparency mentioned above. Maintaining integrity ensures that I build and sustain your trust. My success is bound to your success and I want you to be proud and confident in our partnership.

Why Maintaining Integrity and Building Trust Matters in Web Design

Maintaining integrity as a web designer involves a steadfast commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical practices. By prioritizing clear communication, setting realistic expectations, delivering high-quality work, and placing your needs at the forefront, your relationship with Seva Cloud is built on a foundation of trust and respect. This not only enhances your professional reputation but also ensures our sustained shared success in industries where integrity is a key differentiator.

3. Educating Clients

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You may or may not be familiar with the intricacies of web design and development. I take the time to educate you about the basics, such as the importance of responsive design, SEO, and website security. By empowering you with this knowledge, you can make more informed decisions and feel more confident that the process will lead to a successful outcome.

Why Educating Clients Matters in Web Design

Educated clients are less likely to fall victim to cowboy designers who might take advantage of their lack of knowledge. Understanding the fundamentals helps you recognise the value of ethical practices and quality work.

4. Clear Contracts

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Person Signing an Ethical Web Design Contract

I use clear, comprehensive contracts that outline the scope of work, deliverables, payment schedules, and timelines. These contracts protect both parties and ensure that there are no misunderstandings or hidden clauses.

Why Clear Contracts Matter in Web Design

A well-defined contract sets clear expectations and provides legal protection, ensuring that you receive the services you’re promised.

5. Fair Pricing

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Pricing in the web design industry can be notoriously opaque, with some designers charging exorbitant rates for subpar work. I provide fair, competitive pricing based on the complexity and requirements of each project. I also offer detailed breakdowns so you understand exactly what you are paying for – a professional, ethical web designer, an expert website manager and a world class SEO.

Why Fair Pricing Matters in Web Design

Fair pricing prevents exploitation and ensures you receive value for your investment. It also promotes a healthy, competitive industry standard for quality, ethical work.

6. Post-Launch Support

Seva Cloud Provides Ethical Web Design

My commitment to you doesn’t end when the website goes live. I offer 30-days post launch support included in your web design price, as well as ongoing support and maintenance on a monthly rolling contract to ensure the site remains functional, secure, and up-to-date. This includes troubleshooting, updates, and regular backups but can extend to content writing, right up to intense ongoing SEO.

Why Post-Launch Support Matters in Web Design

By continuing support with you, we build a long-term relationship together and this demonstrates my commitment to your success beyond the initial project. The more I learn about you and your business the more powerful the movement and shift becomes.

7. Ethical Practices

Seva Cloud Provides Ethical Web Design

I adhere to and keep up to date with industry best practices and ethical guidelines in all my work. This includes using licensed software, respecting copyright laws, and ensuring accessibility for all users. I also stay updated with the latest web standards and technologies to provide the best possible solutions.

Why Ethical Practices Matter in Web Design

Ethical practices mean a lot to me and are core to my values of trustworthiness and authenticity. They protect you from legal issues and ensure that your website is built on solid, sustainable foundations. Maintaining strong ethics at the core of my practice can ensure that our ongoing working relationship is meaningful and powerful.

8. Feedback and Improvement

Seva Cloud Provides Ethical Web Design

I actively seek feedback from you at each key stage in the project and use it to maintain alignment with your goals as well as to improve my services. Regular feedback ensures that the direction and content of the project is still relevant so we can make necessary adjustments as soon as possible. This process helps me correct any issues early on, identify areas for growth and ensures that I continually provide you with the highest standard of work.

Why Continuous Feedback and Improvement Matters in Web Design

Actively listening to you allows me to adapt based on your feedback, which ensures that your needs are met and I surpass your expectations.


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As an all-in-one ethical web designer, manager and SEO, my mission is to deliver exceptional websites that continue to provide a return on your investment while protecting you from the pitfalls of the industry. By being transparent, educating as I go, offering fair pricing, and adhering to ethical practices, I aim to set a positive example and build a reputation for reliability, quality, simplicity and excellence.

Your success is a testament to my commitment, and I’ll take pride in being your trusted partner on your next digital journey. Let’s make the world just that little bit better, together.

By adhering to these principles, I strive to deliver outstanding web design, management and SEO services and to build and maintain trust and integrity in every client relationship. This approach, along with my expertise delivering cloud infrastructure on a global scale, differentiates me from the rest of the industry and ensures that my clients feel supported, informed, empowered, cared for, and valued throughout our collaboration.

I look forward to hearing about your next project and how we can work together to build a better tomorrow. Are there any other ways you think I could be more ethical? I’d love to know.


Website Services

Hello, My name is Liamarjit Bhogal, I run Seva Cloud, an all-in-one Socially Conscious, Ethical and Sustainable Web Design, Website Management and SEO service for individuals, small businesses and not-for-profits. We position ourselves as a web design business, but we design the full tech stack, not just the bits you see.

Web Design & Development

Lets create an authentic, stunning and enchanting website that speaks directly to your audience. A well planned, well designed and well implemented website will attract more visitors, increase engagement, and ultimately drive more support for your cause. Connect with your community and serve them better by leveraging our expertise in web design and development.

Website Management

With 13 years in the Industry, Seva Cloud has enterprise level experience to help your organization deliver high-quality results on a low budget. Don’t sacrifice your mission-driven work because of technical challenges. You deserve access to effective online tools, that reduce the complexity of managing a website so you can fulfil your purpose.

Search Engine Optimization

A website crafted with SEO by design, optimization and ongoing management, helps you achieve your website goals and increases your impact in the community. This establishes a strong foundation for your site, improves the website’s visibility and increases the chance of people discovering your important work by expanding your reach to a broader audience right from launch.

Seva Cloud is an impact-driven business that strives to provide essential, world class online solutions to not-for-profit organizations and small businesses. We exist to make them feel empowered and inspired to fulfil their missions, alleviating the frustration and complexity of managing their online presence and maximizing their impact in the world.

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